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The Modern Mystic

My name is Kay Walker and I have been a fashion designer for over 15 years. My hobby turned fashion brand, REBELLIOUS1S just celebrated its 9th birthday in February and I've participated in A LOT of different photoshoots and fashion shows over the years. Take a peek at some of my previous works.

Models: Theo Cunningham (@godisinmyname), Justice LaRue (@iamjusticelarue), LaToya Hollis (@lh314), Jasmine Givens (@kianajv), Sjhonquail Whatie (@diaryofa_fatblackmodel)
MUA: Jasmine Young (@ladyjalexisbeauty)
Photographer: Mutten Lee (@muttenrow)
Stylist: Kay Walker (@_rebelkay_)
As I've mentioned, I've done a lot of fashion related things over the years and I've realized that I don't share much about them! This photoshoot was the first shoot that I've curated in my fashion career. (Well, technically the 2nd; this is the 1st one I put together in a studio setting.) The idea came to me at the beginning of my spiritual journey, just thinking to gather some dope individuals I know, throw some ideas at the wall, catch a vibe and see what we get. I'll be honest, I style myself, my kids, styled models at fashion shows...but its a WHOLE other ballpark when it comes to styling a photoshoot! (I'll do a story time about the process at a later date.)
The day of the shoot, as with any event you put together, things happen. Models call out, models coming late, no babysitter for me, MUA is super pregnant and doing her best to move as quickly as of the models didn't get her face done and studio time was running out 🙄 In the moment, it was struggle city for me, but the pictures I got back showed nothing of the sort! (Thank God 😅) Here's some of my favorite shots:
Modern Mystic 1
Model: Theo Cunningham
Headpiece/Top: Hot Topic
Pants: Forever 21
Modern Mystic 2
Model: LaToya Hollis
Earrings/Choker: Stylist provided
Jumpsuit: Fashion Nova
Boots: Model provided
Model: Jasmine Givens
Earrings: Stylist provided
Shades/Jacket/Mushroom Bodysuit: Avalon Exchange, St. Louis
Vegan Leather Bike Shorts: Rebellious1s
Boots: Model provided
Hand Jewelry: EklectikSoul
Model: Theo Cunningham
Hat/Top/Pants: Forever21
Necklace: EklectikSoul
Model: Jasmine Givens
Dress: Stylist provided
Necklace/Shoes: Model provided
Model: Sjhonquale Whatie
Top: Hot Topic
Overalls: Torrid
Necklace: EklectikSoul
Shoes: Shoe Time, St. Louis, MO
Model: Justice LaRue
Top/Shoes: Avalon Exchange
Bomber Jacket: Rebellious1s
Capris: Pretty Little Things
Model: Theo Cunningham
Crochet Top: Rebellious1s
Bodysuit: Forever21
Sequin Pants: Avalon Exchange
Necklace: EkectikSoul
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